1. Solar Modules

Modules Can

Perform At


in their 25th Year and last 50 Years or more.

Review Price and Degradation

Performance for Comparison

Most solar modules stack-up well against each other in terms of cost and efficiency. Premium LG modules cost a bit more but degrade less over time.

The flavor of the month is based on price and we have obtained the very lowest pricing possible because we deal direct with the factory.

2. Solar Inverters



Additional Insurance Insures Warranty

Inverters are needed to convert the DC Power generated by the solar modules into AC Power used to run appliances.

A combiner box is installed next to your electric panel and controls and monitors your system performance.

Enphase and Solar Edge are the two leading inverter companies.

3. Solar Installation

Choosing an experienced solar installer requires care.

Workmanship Warranty


Roof age is a factor



4. Roof Installation

New Metal Roof



New Metal Roof

Choosing the right new roof can make all the difference in the world because you want your solar system to last as long as the roof.

New metal roofs can come with a 50 year warranty and require no roof penetrations.

5. Battery Back-Up Power

Enphase Batteries


Extended Warranty

Receives Government Incentive

Batteries are clean, quiet, and discrete.

A nice add-on for around $99 month.

6. Energy Reduction Management

HVAC Replacement

Old inefficient HVACs can be energy hogs.

HVAC Duct Sealing

99% of airducts leak so we use a tool that seals vents to secure your air pathways.

Tankless Water Heater

These devices heat water only when needed and save energy.


These devices heat water only when needed and save energy.

Windows & Doors

Sealing cracks and tinting windows reduces air leakage into and out of the home.

LED Light Bulbs

Reduces energy consumption by 75% compared to traditional bulbs.

Pool Heating

Solar can heat your pool for free and solar pool heating can also be added to reduce energy.

Electric Vehicles

Solar can refill your car battery for free and that really helps with rising oil costs.

7. Designer Solar Wraps

Durable wraps in any color, pattern, or

logo create a stylish look for the community.

Residential Curb Appeal

Free Corporate Advertising

Corporate Clients

I Want A Custom Quote

8. Solar Carports & Pool Patios

Solar Charging Station

Pool Patio Solar

Outdoor Solar Shading

Side of House

Solar Flower Sun Tracker

Solar Pergola

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